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Norton Security VPN "auto-select" defaults to wrong location

Norton secure VPN: when the virtual location is set to "auto-select" location it defaults to the UK. Remove "auto-select" and manually choose home location (Australia), connection is virtually immediate and can be used at the local location. The instant the "auto-select" location is activated the connection to the local location is broken and the UK location is connected. The VPN works fine, no issues with the VPN. The enquiry is why in "auto-select" mode the UK rather than the local location is connected, especially since the local connection works fine?

I require a solution to maintain the local connection when in "auto-select" mode.

1: software version, there is no request for a software update in settings, presume it must be up to date.

2: settings; "launch at startup" selected.

3: settings; "auto-select" selected.



Re: Norton Security VPN "auto-select" defaults to wrong location

If you absolutely need a 'local' connection, just manually choose that country.

The Auto Select function is supposed to use some algorithm to choose the best performing connection. I live in Canada and have seen US and UK connections chosen for my VPN with Auto Select.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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