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Norton Should Take a leaf out of McAfee's Book

My subscription to N360 has now ended - and I have installed McAfee to see what it is like.

Their SafeKey is so much that Identity Safe should be - for starters :

- it has just a tiny moveable taskbar (one icon so you can put it on other taskbars)

- The drop down is a third of the height of Identity Safe and doesn't keep appearing / disappearing if you try to ignore it and simply type into a field

- You can easily choose whether to auto-login to any site, or whether it just autofills the details

- The folders to organise your bookmarks is simple to use and starts up minimised

- It is fast to access the online vault, search for sites and move sites between folders (drag and drop)

- The folders are sorted in alphabetical order with no option to sort otherwise, but you can't have everything

- It works in Firefox and IE10 without any problems (no plugin for Chrome or Opera)

Best of all, it feels like a computer tool, rather than a kids plaything!

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Re: Norton Should Take a leaf out of McAfee's Book

Thanks for the tip, @rwap... I'm going to check McAfee out.  I'm just so pissed and fedup with the extreamly poor usability of the latest NTB and the lack of fixes.

Norm Sash
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Re: Norton Should Take a leaf out of McAfee's Book

Y'all be sure to run the NRT prior to install of another AV! The same holds true for running the McAfee Removal Tool when you switch again.

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