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This forum thread needs a solution.

Norton Shows Unprotected Message

Hi. There's a problem with my Norton Mobile Security which happened from yesterday. The problem is that my Norton's account doesn't show my Mobile Security's device as a protected one! I'm using version and I downloaded it from Google Play and I check for its update everyday. All of sections of the application is green and my license is showing in the application; but as I said, my Norton's account doesn't show this device as protected one and also shows that this device was online about 20 hours ago! I was online today several times and also checked for Norton's update!!!

I don't know why this problem occurred. I deleted the device in My Account and entered the license again on my Norton Mobile Security and it activated successfully; but it still shows the device as unprotected.

I attached a screenshot from my Norton's Account page. Please check that.

Please someone help me fix this problem. Thank you.

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Re: Norton Shows Unprotected Message

I uninstalled Norton Mobile Security from my cell phone and reinstalled it and the problem was solved.

Now, a new problem occurred and my device's Last Seen time doesn't show in my Account.

I attached a screenshot of that and you can see that my PC and Laptop's status is visible; but my cell phone's not!

Please fix this problem and post an answer here for me. Thank you.


Re: Norton Shows Unprotected Message

Glad you got the device recognized again. 

Problems with the web site sometimes just take a little time to sort out.

Post back if you still see the problem tomorrow.

BTW. You might not have had to reinstall. Often you can just clear the app data for NMS, and log in next time you start the app.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: Norton Shows Unprotected Message

The problem fixed. Now my cell phone's Last Seen time is showing in the list, too. :D

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