Norton Sign-on and Norton Authenticator don't work together

Changed password recently, with no problem. However the Norton Sign-on and Norton VIP access no longer communicate with each other. VIP Access app is happily generating access codes...none of which are acceptable. Email/password go ok, VIP access seems to no longer communicate with the Norton software. Dunno where to look for solutions.

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Re: Norton Sign-on and Norton Authenticator don't work together

Re: VIP Access App

Posted: 20-Oct-2020 | 1:39PM · Permalink

The VIP app was used for 2 factor authentication, 2FA,  for your access to your Norton Account. The use of this app for 2FA was discontinued around May of 2020. Here is a thread discussing this.

If you read through the thread, you will see that you can in fact still use this app. But you have to set it up again in your Norton Account, and you will no longer get the Push notifications to your mobile device and you have to manually enter the security code.

FAQ: Two-factor authentication for your account - 07/19/2021

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