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norton sonar delete my project files

hello everyone am small devloper for my own project it has an exe file boot from usb flash norton deal with it as threat and delete it my customer always compline about it and think its a virus in my project i send a sample to norton lap but no respond i scan file in virustotal its clean but sonar is problem for me and my customer can you guy fix the issue



Re: norton sonar delete my project files

Hello albarwn

Can you please send the file

Please use this link if you think that a file is a false positive:

If there is a possibility that the file might be infected, please submit it to Symantec using this link:


You can in the meantime, ask your customers to put the file in the exclusions from Sonar, Auto protect, and download intelligence. Only do this as a temporary measure and only if the file is clean.


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Re: norton sonar delete my project files

Or you can apply to have it pro-actively white-listed by submitting it here.

You can submit your installer to be white-listed by filling out and submitting this form.


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Re: norton sonar delete my project files

Its normal situation in the modern dangaerous IT-world, where protection system become very aggresive for effective automatic protection. Such protection needs in big and effective white list (with hashes for trust files). All security's companies must (you must send massage them before realese) verify any new program (project) that  popularity of your program don't broke under false posotives. Instructions wrote above for you. 

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