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Norton spam - too many apps

I don't need Norton to update software on my computer. I don't need another browser (BTW I tried the Norton browser and it wrecked my link from Outlook to Edge Microsoft had to fix it). I don't want a separate app to monitor my email. I expect Norton to provide one app to monitor for viruses, spam, and all other intrusions. I do not like being bombarded by Norton popups asking me to buy something else. I want one app to keep my computer safe. Norton used to do that without my needing to buy anything else. I had Norton LifeLock and for two months it could not connect to any of my accounts at Citi. I paid a lot of money for nothing. I did not get a refund. I have been using Norton since the 90's and it used to be a simple one-piece app. I am very unhappy with it now.