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Norton starts full system scan by itself and shutdown computer after finished

I have a new desktop computer (Dell Vostro with Windows 11 Pro) with Norton 360 installed.  The computer is set up as a Remote Desktop with multiple users using the QuickBooks program.  I set up a full system scan daily at 8 pm, but strangely almost every day Norton starts a full system scan around 5 pm by itself and shuts down the computer after finishing the scan.   The scheduled or manual full system scan finishes without shut down the computer (no virus is detected).  All full system scans (by manual, scheduled, or automatic scans) take a similar time and check a similar amount of files. 

I removed the full system scan ("Do not schedule this scan"), but the automatic full system scan and shutdown still happen.  Even after complete removal of Norton 360 and reinstalling, and with all settings as default, the automatic full scan and shutdown around the time still happen!  Checking on the "Only at idle time" checkbox ("Run the scan" options) makes no difference!  Even when a user is using the computer, the background scanning starts and finishes and shuts down the computer.  Of course the option for "After scan completion:" is set to "Stay On".  I checked on Internet, but couldn't find a similar case.  Before this, I had a computer (Dell Inspiron with Windows 10 Pro) set up the same way, but there was no problem.  Would this be Norton's compatibility issue with Windows 11? 

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