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This forum thread needs a solution.
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NORTON STUDIO - Active software product from Norton Symantec or not?

Hi, this is frustrated beyond belief.

 I have been having nothing but problems with my account because of an expired product key on the account of which was the trial. Oddly, enough, all my problems started when I purchased a 10 user license that shows up as Norton Security with Backup. 
Within a day I was receiving renewal notices and expired notices on my phone. Didn't think much of it at the time, thought maybe it just need to update. After spending the last two days with support, I more or less have 3 of my 10 devices working, or so I hope. BUT NOT NORTON STUDIO!  

In fact the chat agent yesterday told me that Norton Studio is not a Norton Symantec program, it is Microsoft's. REALLY? Funny how support pages exist for Studio and Norton Security Client itself points to it as feature. Norton Studio itself says it is a Symantec product. Serious training is needed for Norton Support staff!!! The chat agent yesterday used appwiz.cpl to prove to me that it is not a Norton product. Stupid! As appwiz.cpl ONLY OPENS DESKTOP PROGRAMS. Norton Studio is a Universal Windows App --- look at your own web pages -- https://support.norton.com/sp/en/nz/windows-store-apps/current/solutions... .

Today the agent I talked to a support agent how could see the problem and appeared to understand (I was encouraged), however she proceeded to state after being away for a long time that Studio is an old product, not longer used. What!?! How come support pages and my current Norton Security client tries to pull it up? Open the client, go to "More Norton", for me under "My Features" it lists Identity Safe, Add Devices, Manage, then Norton Studio. Huh? In the end she did help me resolve some issue I had with the Android devices and My Norton web page.

SO.. is Studio a supported active product or not? I jumped ship reluctantly from Bitdefender, I was able to manage my devices, start scans, and see reporting. When I tried Norton I came across Studio and was happy with the trial. However anyone I chat with or talk to at Norton seems to think the web page My Norton does it all. Sadly, it is not even close. 

I need to get Studio working right with my account. I miss the remote management and reporting. If not, I will work to cancel my subscription. Not real happy being limited to 10 devices anyway, but I can make it work. With the Bitdefender license I had I could install on as many clients as I want, and I have far more than 10.

HELP!  As I've stated numerous times, the easiest thing to do is delete that bad expired product key from my account!!! Norton Studio keeps connecting to it.

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Re: NORTON STUDIO - Active software product from Norton Symantec or not?


Here is a KB about Remote Management. It is still a part of Norton Security with Backup.


Here is a KB about Norton Studio.


I have to admit that I have been using Norton Security with Backup and I had never heard of Norton Studio. I did find those articles and there are more articles about Norton Studio.

If you purchase a Norton Core, that is good for unlimited devices. There is also something called Norton Security forSmall Businesses which is good for more than 10 devices.


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Re: NORTON STUDIO - Active software product from Norton Symantec or not?

Yep, I know how to turn on Remote management, of which seems like a useless feature when Norton Studio does not work. Norton Studio page does not address problems with Norton Studio itself. I log in, tries to access the account, nothing appears. Before when I had the inactive computers assigned to the expired Norton Security Premium under My Subscriptions before causing my other problems, they would show up in Studio. The active product on the account, Norton Security with Backup, does not work in Studio. Currently 4 devices associated with that subscription, however they do not show up in Norton Studio.

Nobody at support to date has been able to answer the question:

Is Norton Studio an active program/product by Norton Symantec?  If it is, WHY cant anyone support it?

In fact, the first person I chatted with stated it was not a Symantec product. What? 

NORTON SUPPORT, Norton Studio is NOT working. Especially when multiple subscriptions are on your account with the older one being expired (my trial).

When I have the time, I will be opening yet another support session.

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