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Norton System Doctor problem

I've been trying for 2 months to figure out a problem I'm having with Norton Utilities 2002.  Norton System Doctor
causes Windows to hang about 8 seconds after I start it.  Everything freezes and I have to turn off the computer to regain control.  Also, the Memory tab of System Information doesn't display anything and I get an error message that says "Cannot find first module".  I've tried about 30 different things to try and figure out what the problem is including disabling all services and uninstalling/re-installing with choosing different install options each time.  This computer has 4 hard drives and on 3 of them I have an operating system...98SE/Millenium/XP.  In 98SE/Millenium I have Norton Utilities 2001 installed and they both work fine so I'm thinking it's not the computer or the way it's configured.  Strange thing is I also have another computer with XP installed and NU2002 works fine on that one.  My latest and final attempt was to do a clean install of XP on that 4th drive.  I felt that maybe the fact that the XP I'm having a problem with might be due to the fact that it was an upgrade install over Millenium.  Well one problem did get fixed...the System Information Memory tab works correctly now but Norton System Doctor still does the same thing on that one too.  Here are the systems: 

Problem computer:

eMachines eTower 633 ids (2001)
Intel Pentium 3 Celeron 555Mhz
4 Hard Drives all PATA
(2 are connected to the IDE ribbon cable
 2 are connected to a RAID controller card)
2 CD/DVD ROM drives
512 Meg memory
6 port USB card

Other computer:

HP Pavillion Multimedia er883 (2005)
Intel VIIV dual core 3Ghz
1 320 Gig Maxtor SATA hard drive
2 CD/DVD ROM drives
2 Gig memory

XP was installed on both systems using the same install disk. NU2002 was installed on both systems using
the same install disk.  I did install a simple debugger to help diagnose this problem on both computers and both readouts show the same DLL's being loaded and unloaded with the exception that on the problem computer
Norton System Doctor attempts to load an additional DLL and that's when it locks up the computer.

Anybody have a good memory and remember any problems/fixes regarding the above?  
Appreciate any assistance you can provide.