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This forum thread needs a solution.

Norton Toolbar and IE11 Private browsing

Is there a solution where the Norton toolbar can be enabled on the "private browsing" pages of IE11?

I had this working on a Win 7 system up until a disk crash. The Norton support are of no assistance in this instance.

If it cannot be done, can the rationale be explained, as I see none. The particular functionality I am interested in is the password vault.



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Re: Norton Toolbar and IE11 Private browsing

Hello DFK2794,

By default, Internet Explorer disables all toolbars and extensions when using InPrivate Browsing.  This is an additional security feature to protect your privacy when in that mode.

If you wish to override that feature, please check the instructions listed here:


Hope that helps.

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Re: Norton Toolbar and IE11 Private browsing

Thanks Phil_D - hate to admit it, but I was not aware of that override.  I guess one is never too old to learn! 

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