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Norton Toolbar in Firefox


In my Firefox I not see the Norton Toolbar, in my Google search engine - at the SEARCH - I not see the Norton information at the links...

How I must proceed?

Thanks and the Bests!


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Re: Norton Toolbar in Firefox

Hi Kiraly:

Unfortunately, the last version of Norton Safe Web for Firefox to display site rating icons in Google search results was bundled with the Norton Security Toolbar v2017.11.0.1 for Firefox, and this browser toolbar was discontinued when Norton v22.11.2 was released in November 2017.  See the Feature Changes section in the product update announcement Norton 22.11.2 Product Update Available Now.

The new Norton Safe Web v2.x for Firefox is now available to the general public and must be downloaded from the Mozilla add-on store at https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/norton-safe-web/.  This re-designed browser extension is compatible with FF v48 and higher, but you will only see Safe Web site rating icons in your search results if you use the bundled Norton Safe Search (i.e. the Ask.com search engine - see image below) instead of Google search.

I don't like using Ask.com as my search engine, and I'm currently testing Bitdefender TrafficLight for Firefox as a replacement for Norton Safe Web since Bitdefender TrafficLight displays site rating icons in Google search results.  See CurrentR's thread Bring Back Safeweb Icons for Google Search in Firefox - Please Reply for further suggestions and a good discussion on this topic.

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Re: Norton Toolbar in Firefox


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