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Norton Toolbar for Firefox 7+


Two things:

1. When I open Firefox 7.0.1, the toolbar takes a few minutes before it shows up in Firefox (because it somehow gets automatically turned off upon closing), or I have to manually turn it on if I want it running when I open the browser. Closing Firefox seems to be what's turning the toolbar off but closing Firefox has no affect on other toolbars or toolbar items installed. Since I'm new to Firefox for Mac, I can't determine if this is a bug in Firefox for Mac (though I would find it counterintuitive if Firefox 7.0.1 broke the Norton Toolbar Add-on when the Firefox 7.0.1 release was to fix a few Add-ons not being recognized by the browser). Anyone able to replicate my problem with the Norton Toolbar on Firefox 7.0.1? (To try replicating: open Firefox, enable the toolbar, then close Firefox and re-open Firefox.) I'm not too concerned with this issue.

2. I would like to suggest that Norton design a Norton toolbar item instead of a full toolbar so that the item can be moved around.



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Re: Norton Toolbar for Firefox 7+

Can you open the error log and see if it shows anything in there?  The error log can be accessed in Firefox by going to the Tools menu then Web Developer and then Error Console.  If there's anything in there, post it back up on the forum.

Another thing to try is toggling the toolbar from the toolbar itself.  In the toolbar, in the menu under "Norton", try selecting "Hide Norton Toolbar" and then re-show it in the Firefox View->Toolbars menu.



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Re: Norton Toolbar for Firefox 7+

Yeah sorry, the problem has gone away. But I would still like to suggest having it be a toolbar "item" so it can be moved around because I dislike it being underneath my bookmarks toolbar. Thanks.

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