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Norton Toolbar / Norton Identity Safe has stopped working in all browsers

In all browsers - IE 11, Firefox and Chrome - the toolbar and Vault have stopped working. The toolbar is visible in IE11 at least. It's not showing at all in Chrome and is intermittent in Firefox. Sometimes it's there and others it's not. Strange how none of these ID Safe & Toolbar issues ever appeared until Norton decided that they knew what was best for everyone despite the numerous responses from beta testers against moving it solely to the cloud. Norton didn't listen and moved it all to the cloud and the problems started. Instead of getting better or even actually solved, they have only gotten worse and continue to do so. Like many of my "old school" programming associates, I don't trust "the cloud". Why? First and foremost, it can't be completely secured. It also relies on a live internet connection and, therefore, a source of power. Not all passwords are used for online access or even require internet access. Corporate networks with various levels of data access are a prime example. They have no need to be "online" (as in connected to the net), yet if they want to use Identity Safe they have to be thus exposing their network to cyber-attacks. Did the decision makers at Norton even think before they decided for all of us that the best place to store everyone's passwords was in the cloud? I think not. The fact that ever since doing so the programs has NEVER functioned properly across all browser platforms makes this abundantly clear.

Main PC: Windows 7 Ultimate (64 bit) - AMD FX-4130 3.8 GHz - 16 GB DDR3 1600 - NIS 2013 ( - NU 16 - IE11, Firefox, Safari, Chrome 31