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This forum thread needs a solution.

Norton toolbar not compatible with Firefox 38.0.1

It has been a while since Firefox updated to version 38.0.1,  however, the Norton toolbar is not compatible with that version and is disabled by Firefox.  Isn't there a patch to apply to make the toolbar be compatible with such Firefox version.  This has happened many times before, when Firefox updates their versions, but usually by running "Live Update in the Norton Security Suite, a patch is applied and then the toolbar is enabled.  Not this time, many attempts have been done on my side and have not had a solution.  Please enlighten us with a resolution.  Thank you.


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Re: Norton toolbar not compatible with Firefox 38.0.1

Please see Firefox 38 Support for Norton Toolbar Announcement
Toolbar and ID Safe are compatible with FF38 and children eg: FF38.x.x
Recommended protocol is to have Norton compatibility patch installed and settled in before manually updating Firefox. 
Toolbar version number as posted to the Announcement indicates patch is installed and settled.
Recommended setting for Firefox updates is "Check for updates, but let me choose whether to install them"
Menu Bar > Tools > Options > Advanced > Check for updates
You may subscribe to Product Update Announcements here to be notified of product updates.   Click Options > Subscribe

Some sort with run Norton Live Update till no more updates restart as required.  Then repeat Live Update runs with full shutdown. Cold start.  No joy. Repeat.  
Some sort bringing Toolbar up to date by running the NRnR Tool > eg:
Some sort with over-install of Firefox > eg:

Caveat: The NRnRT is supposed to work with the Comcast Norton Security Suite - but usually throws a message that a Norton Product could not be detected on the system. 


Re: Norton toolbar not compatible with Firefox 38.0.1

Thank you for your thorough and detailed reply bjm!  After several Live Updates and restarts, the corresponding patches would not apply because of errors. 
Had to request support from Symantec since the Norton suite appeared to be corrupted.  Problem is now fixed by support.
Thanks again.


Re: Norton toolbar not compatible with Firefox 38.0.1

Happy to read Support helped.

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