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Norton Toolbar support for Firefox

This is response to today's announcement by Sunil about Simantec's (not so) immediate plans for the "Return of the Vault"..."

Hi Sunil,

Thanks for your update information. I have one question:

Whenever the Vault functionality is returned to us, are we, the users, going to keep having the choice of keeping our Vault local or is it going to be definitively and exclusively accessible in the Cloud?

I cannot speak for anyone other than myself, but the answer to this question is of paramount importance to me, personally, so your clear response will be be much appreciated.

Thanks again.

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Re: Norton Toolbar support for Firefox

Hi LinYu2,

I believe you should specify in your question to Sunil that you are referring to Firefox.

I for one see no reason why changing the FF add-on should have any impact on my Local Vault in IE 11.

Now I guess the question should be will it impact the Local Vault in FF?


Re: Norton Toolbar support for Firefox

Thanks, yank, for your advice. It seems to me that your response answers, at least in part, what I wanted to find out. Now, I must keep hoping that you're right (I'm sure you are) and also, since Sunil already knows now that I use Firefox, I just need to ask Sunil to please confirm that this will be the case.

In all honesty, I still have kind of a funny feeling that Symantec may take the opportunity of this "lengthy project" to embark the trendy bandwagon that leads to the Cloud... Most likely, this is just a baseless suspicion, as I have no hard facts to substantiate it. This is why I call it "funny"...

Even so, Sunil, can you please clear any doubts about this?


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