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Norton upgrade changed all our settings

I recently downloaded the Norton AntiVirus on my laptop and it stuffed all my settings I had on it and it looks like it's a new computer now as all my favourites are gone.  (I can still some some favourites, but not alot that were pegged)

I was adament not to upgrade to windows 10, do I'm assuming it has automatically done this for me without my knowledge.  If this is the case, how can I change it all back to the way it was? 

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Re: Norton upgrade changed all our settings

Hi, Andrea. If you were upgraded to Windows 10 without doing it yourself, then you are a victim of Microsoft wanting everybody on Windows 10.  This would not be done by Norton.

If you have a backup on a separate hard drive, you can revert to the previous Windows 10.

See this blog for ways to block Windows updates, if you are on Win 10 home.


Windows 10 Home X 64

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