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Norton 'Upgrade' suggestions unreasonable and nutty

Being a long time user of the Norton suite, I have a stock of 1 year licenses for Norton Security Platinum.

Apparently Norton is changing its line of product, making the Platinum version EOL and pushing 360 Deluxe.

So, Norton is offering me to upgrade for free during the remaining subscription. But to be honest, the 'upgrade' turns out to be a downgrade: 

  • Lesser installs on devices (from 10 to 5)
  • No more 100GB Backup: Only 50GB (Deluxe) or 75GB for the most expensive Premium
  • a new subscription is about three times more expensive, with my number of installs this also means having to buy 2 subscriptions.
  • And...I cannot reuse my still unused licences for Norton Platinum.

Being not fully unknown to commercial product marketing...Does Norton really think I would even consider this offer?

So Norton, what's up? Are you really desperate to loose a client? And what if I decide to redeem my Platinum licesnse through time: Are you going to cripple the product to persuade me to move on?