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Norton Utilities 16

My latest purchase of Norton Internet Security includes a download for Norton Utilities 16.  Included in the download is a "Performance" section with an area for "Defrag."

It shows a chart with columns with the titles:


Optimization State

Total Size

Free Space (%)

Smart Defrag (ON or OFF)

Under the Volume column, it shows the following  list of drives:

Local DIsk (C:)


Local Disk

Local Disk

Local Disk

You can choose which drives you want to Defrag by checking ON or OFF boxes. There's a Start icon in the bottom, right corner.

My question is this:  I am the only one using my computer and I'm confused as to why the Volume column is showing three extra Local Disks.  I only have the Local Disk (C:) and the Recovery Disk (D).

Can someone at Norton help answer this question for me?

Thanks very much.




Re: Norton Utilities 16

Have you checked your Windows Disk Management feature to see what drives are listed? 

Maybe you are seeing memory card readers being listed. I have that on one of my computers.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.
Accepted Solution

Re: Norton Utilities 16

Thanks PeterWeb.

I didn't know about this and was able to figure it out.

Thanks again.


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