Norton Utilities 16 - Need help with activation


I recently upgraded to a new computer. I had sometime back upgraded my Norton Utilities 16 (NU16) to Norton Utilities Premium (NUP) and kind of dropped NU16. But I just ran into a problem: I need to run the "Recover Deleted Files" operation which to my  disappointment has been dropped from NUP, and I had not installed NU16, which supports the "Recover Deleted Files" operation, on my new computer. So I installed NU16 on my new computer, but I cannot run it because it hasn't been activated, and I seem to have lost my NU16 Activation Code. How can I resolve that? I thought that NU16 being a discontinued product I could easily get a valid Product Key for it by chatting with Norton Support and explaining my dilemma to them, but so far no joy.


Product: Norton Utilities 16

Operating System: Windows 10 Pro

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Accepted Solution

Re: Norton Utilities 16 - Need help with activation

This thread addresses your issue.

NU16 has been discontinued and it appears that the subscription server for that product has been taken down. So even if you did still have your product key, it will no longer be able to activate the older product.

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