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Norton Utilities 16.0 Malware

To everyone in the Norton Community, I have some information to pass on;

At about 0730 EST (United States) 12 Jun 15, I clicked on my Norton Utilities shortcut and a box appeared indicating that my 'trial offer' has expired and I need to click on the 'activate' button.  NOTE: I had been using Norton Utilities (fully paid version) for a couple of years and was NOT using a 'trial' version.

I did not click on the 'activate' button, but instead, 'x' ed out of this suspected malware.  Apparently by either 'x' ing out or simply running my cursor over this pop-up was enough to cause my computer to display the 'blue screen of death' and freeze up so that that even the power button no longer worked.  I had to reset my computer (using the motherboard on-board reset button), then re-start my system.  Subsequent use of Norton Utilities seems to have [hopefully] eliminated this threat for now.