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Norton Utilities Changing Power Plan

After Norton Utilities Premium was updated a few days ago I found that I had the same problem described in "Norton Utilities Changing Power Plan", viz., I could not change the Windows 10 power plan.

When I followed the advice at the the previous post by toggling the "Power Optimizer" to off in the "Real-Time Boost" section I ran into a problem.  I was able to then choose the "Balanced" power plan.  However, when I put the computer to sleep via the Windows menu, closing the laptop lid, or letting Norton set sleep after a Quick Scan, the computer would not sleep.  I discovered this by closing the lid and putting the laptop in a carrying bag.  Hours later when I went to use it, it was very hot and the battery was dead.  Further, I had to do a hard reset to get the computer to reboot.

Thereafter, no matter how I set sleep mode, I could not wake the computer, a Lenovo Flex 5 laptop.  I would always have to hard reboot it, i.e., by holding the power button for several seconds.

I finally turned the Norton Utilities "Power Optimizer" back on and the computer's sleep ability seems to have been restored.

I am using Norton Utilities Premium, version



Re: Norton Utilities Changing Power Plan

I did not finish the initial post...

I have tried to turn the "Power Optimizer" off and then select the "Balanced" power plan.  This has resulted in the "no sleep" problem.

For now, I have the "Power Optimizer" turned on and I can select "Balanced".  Other times, when I select "Balanced" my choice will be overridden and the Norton option will be selected.

There are a set of settings someplace which I am missing.  For now, my computer will sleep.  However, I am concerned that Norton Utilities has overridden my ability to choose in such an opaque way.

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