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Norton Utilities - Core product error - Windows 10 Fall 2017 - ultra slow restart

Ever since the Fall 2017 Windows 10 update I've been facing serious issues with restarts on my Samsung laptop taking three hours or even longer (I resort to factory resets after three hours). I've tentatively identified, but I'm no expert, the problem as Norton Utilities. I get the Core product error noted in this forum. In addition I'm noticing that when I try to compact my registry I see this message at the bottom of the dialogue "Norton Utilities has detected that your computer has Windows Updates waiting to be applied. A reboot is required to apply these updates before you can compact your Registry", but in fact there are no updates pending. On one occasion Windows reported I was low on disk space, and when I investigated I found that the Windows/Log folder had filled my entire hard disk!  Chief culprit was the CBS log. I googled this. It's a known issue involving Windows update. I was unable to delete some 260 Gb of this because of an open process TiWorker.exe I couldn't locate and close. When I tried a restart it continued more than 5 hours overnight before I stepped in and executed a factory reset.

It's pretty frustrating! Can we have a patch as soon as possible. Thank you.


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Re: Norton Utilities - Core product error - Windows 10 Fall 2017 - ultra slow restart

You mention a fall 2017 Windows update. Do you mean 2018, or have you been seeing this for over a year?

If your issues have been triggered by Windows problems, they are not really an issue with Norton Utilities. If Windows has some warning bit or message set, Norton Utilities is just reporting that. It is not a false message from Norton. You need to get your Windows installation sorted out before trying any kind of system utilities. 

Some FYI

Norton Utilities have not received any functionality updates since before Windows 10 was first released. So although it will install on Win 10, there is no guarantee of how well it will behave. Some of us here feel that the product is on its way out.

Modern versions of Windows do not benefit from any registry scanning/maintenance tools. Windows does a capable job of looking after this. Most experts recommend leaving the registry alone. 

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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