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Norton Utilities - File Shredder Problem

See the attached Screen shot of the right-click context menu available within the File Shredder of Norton Utilities Premium:

I have tried several times (without success) to explain to Norton Support that the bottom "Shred all items" option on this context menu actually restores the item back to the location that it came from.  IT DOES NOT SHRED anything.  It should read "Restore all items", but they have it labelled the same as the "Shred all items" option above it.

I even tried to explain to Norton Support that --- as a computer security company --- they are giving themselves a huge black-eye by not correcting this.  Its now been well over a year since I first tried to bring this to their attention, and they have still NOT corrected this, even though they have made several updates to the software since my first attempt.   

I just don't have the time to take an hour chatting with a support agent to try to explain this each time I try.   IT IS VERY SIMPLE, but the concept doesn't seem to be getting through the Norton bureaucracy very well.

Maybe someone on this forum will have a little better luck convincing Norton that they need to fix this this mistake.  After all, when a customer clicks an option that is supposed to shred a file  --- and all it does is restore that file to your computer UNCHANGED --- it should make that customer wonder if Norton truly knows anything about computer security.



Re: Norton Utilities - File Shredder Problem

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I see what you are reporting. What seems to be the issue is the 2 items that are labeled "Shred all Items". It appears that one of them should be a Restore option.

I'll escalate this issue.

Thanks for reporting.


Re: Norton Utilities - File Shredder Problem

I reported this to Norton support over the phone more than a year ago.  Yes --- the lower 'Shred all Items' does actually restore the items BACK to the folder they were in before placing them in the shredder.  Sloppy programming (and software testing), to say the least. The fact that, even after I spent more than an hour over the phone with Norton over a year ago, that it has STILL uncorrected --- is a dreadful black-eye for Norton.  Hopefully, something will get done this time.  

Thank You peterweb for taking this up.  I hope that you have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!


Re: Norton Utilities - File Shredder Problem

Let's hope my escalation get to the right team.

Being from Canada, I have already celebrated our Thanksgiving. I wish a Happy Thanksgiving to my neighbours to the south.

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