Norton Utilities Premium

Norton Utilities Premium does well.  However it does not seem to perform the Complete measures that Norton Utilities 16 Encompassed!  (IE. Registry Clean and Repair, Complete Defrag of Selected Disks { Deep, Boot, etc., and ALL External Disks D, E, F, G..etc}.  I have an external 5TB drive partitioned into several Logical Drives.  Yes, I have Utilities 16 on this Unit, using Windows 10 Pro.  In comparison between Norton 16 and Premium for this issue, Norton-16 outperforms!  I do Love the adjustments in Util-Prem for the RAM, Processor and Fast-Drive-Write settings!  But come on now, if ya want to Ultimate-UTILITY-Package, the COMPLETE REGISTRY/COMPACT Cleaner MUST BE USABLE!  ALSO, THE COMPLETE "SPEED-DISK and DISK DOCTOR REPAIR"!!  Get Back UP to the "Plate" and BAT it Out of the Park NORTON!!!  I've been a user since Windows 3.1 and using your Norton Products at that time!  Remember Your History - "Norton Disk Tools"?????????  I WAS USING THEM BACK THEN!


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Re: Norton Utilities Premium

Get with the "Program" Norton and MAKE IT WORK RIGHT LIKE YA USED TO DO!