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Norton Utilities Premium - loss of documents

After a Norton Utilities pop-up said the PC started slow and suggested updating the Norton Utilities Premium app, each of my documents and files began to disappear from my desktop.

Once updated, no documents remained, of the couple of folders which remained, they were empty!

I have restored the PC to 3 different earlier times of this month and August and also run recoverit without success.

Any help would be appreciated.




Re: Norton Utilities Premium - loss of documents

Same happened to me after pressing Utilities Premium upgrade pop-up. All desktop files (and folders) disappeared. 

I'm not too techie, but did a restore (I think) -  saw the desktop folders, but no files in them.

Called Support several times, they downloaded Norton Log files, escalated my case to their "Engineering Team", keep saying someone will call back and nothing happens. This was nearly 2 months ago!  Outrageous that the system that's supposed to protect your files ends up destroying them!

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