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Norton Utilities Premium Missing Privacy Protection

Dear all: I see on the PDF manual of NUP that there are a number of "Privacy Protection" options on the Toolbox / Protect section. I have Windows 10 Home Edition and I only got the shredder option, where is the rest? Is it because I also have N360? Thanks.



Re: Norton Utilities Premium Missing Privacy Protection

Interesting find on the information given for NUP. I have NUP installed on Win 10 Pro 1809 and I also only see the Fire Shredder. 

I looked through the Help icon in NUP and was taken to faq's here.  Clicking on What's new in Norton Utilities Premium, I get this page.  At the bottom of that page, is Related information section where I clicked on Privacy Protection: Disable Personal Data, Wi-Fi and Bandwidth Sharing (Windows 10 only)     That shows the information in my image below, which shows multiple features if you scroll down. Although, if you click on the link I circled, it takes you to the second image which only shows the File Shredder. 

I'll bring this discrepancy to Norton's attention and see if we can find why the extra features are listed on one page and not the other.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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