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Norton Utilities-Recover quits with Generic Error

I pulled a real bonehead move and am trying to recover from it. I have an HP Laptop running Windows 8 (thats not the bonehead move part), that I was backing up to a USB drive. Instead of copying the files, I marked them for CUT and PASTE. When the laptop started the operation, it ran into a "KERNEL" error and BSD (Blue Screen of Death) error. I rebooted and my photo directory with over 20 Gigs of photo memories was gone.

I have installed Norton Utilities 16.0 on the Laptop and run RECOVERY (Unerase) on it just looking for JPG files. I have done this about 6 times and the result is the same. I get a generic Windows dialog box with the wording

 Norton Utilities 16.0 has stopped working.

 a problem has caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.

To me it appears it can find some files because it finds over 11,831 files before it seems to choke on files listed as in the "CACHEDIMAGE ..... " sub-directory and gives the error. Each time I have tried to modify the criteria to eliminate the error (ie file size, type, etc), but it keeps coming back and then shuts down norton. I am desparate for a solution or other avenues to try.



Re: Norton Utilities-Recover quits with Generic Error


I don't know what the problem with NU is, but to help you try and get your pictures back you could download and install Piriform's Recuva program.


Please let us know how you get on.


Edit : There is a free version, just click the green download button to get the comparison chart.

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Re: Norton Utilities-Recover quits with Generic Error

A possible caution about downloading another recovery program.

As you save the file to your hard drive, you risk overwriting the files you want to recover. See if you can find a utility that you can run from a USB drive.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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