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Norton Vault

We began using Norton Internet Security (NIS) before Peter Norton’s picture appeared on the box.  For all the years since we have been a loyal customer and have always promoted Norton products when building new computers or performing maintenance.  It makes no sense that Norton would jeopardize future sales of their core program over an add-on that has alienated so many customers?   Most unbelievable is why Norton elects to display such obstinacy and arrogance over a small add-on program which has opened the door for other companies such as Kaspersky, Avast, and others to step in take their customers.  For Norton to be so unyielding, one has to believe there is more to the on-line vault than meets the eye.  

Norton would have been smart to make the vault default to the local drive, make the Cloud an option, and then educated their customers as to the benefits of selecting the option.   However, since Symantec/Norton believes that we, the customer, lack the acumen to manage our identity passwords etc. on our local drive then the time has arrived for us to change software companies.  We can categorically state without reservation that we will not use the cloud and as soon as our NIS nears expiration, or sooner, we will dump NIS and purchase software from a company who desires, appreciates, and earns our business.

For all of those who are unhappy as we are; take the time to do the research, you will find that Kaspersky and Avast have higher ratings than Norton and contain password vaults.