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Norton Vault in the Clouds

I wish it had stayed there! (in the clouds). The old sytem word fine for years and never a problem.  The new vault in the clouds on initial set up "lost" all my passwords etc possibly my mistake!.   Having set up some - a complicated process on the new system - I now cannot access the vault in the clouds neither on IE or Firefox.  What is interesting It tells me "incorrect password" but if I enter it often enough 6+ times I can sometimes gain access..

  Not one of Nortons better ideas and detracts from an otherwise excelent product 

Ray, Perth Australia



Re: Norton Vault in the Clouds

Hi Ray,

Please tell us which Norton Product you are running that has the vault as part of it or if in fact you are using the stand Alone ID Safe Vault.  Also what is the version of yur Norton Product - can be foudn from the main page of the product, select Support and then About. 

What is your operating system and which browser (IE or FF) is your default browser?  Please also tell us which version of your default browser you are using.

Have you ever Exported yor ID Safe Data so you still have the log-ins saved somewhere?

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