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Norton VPN

When I started using Norton VPN I had to sign on each time that I logged on.  After a few weeks I no longer had re-sign on each time.  Now I am back where I started.  I have to sign on each time.  Even after the pc goes to sleep I have to re-sign on.  Is there a way to stop the constant relogging on the norton VPN?  Thank you.



Re: Norton VPN

when I log into my email, it can take me upto 15 minutes.  I go to the vault to get my username and password, however multiple options come up for the same email address and I have to go through multiple sign in's. Why is Norton saving old passwords multiple times and new passwords multiple times? Also, since it saves some of the same ones over and over again. I have gone through and deleted a bunch, but in a weeks time it happens again, horrible. Norton is suppose to remember my passwords, not me. very annoying. help. hard to trust. 

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