norton vpn

rather disconcerting to read an article regarding the norton vpn that i am using, which comes with 360 deluxe.  any idea relating to the validity of the information contained therein would be appreciated............thanks!




Re: norton vpn

After some investigating, I realized that Norton Secure VPN was not masking my public IPv6 address at all, which is an issue that I will discuss in more detail later.

Unfortunately, Norton Secure VPN failed one of the most basic VPN security tests. I experienced both DNS leaks and IPv6 leaks on every server that I tested.

But if you look on the right, my real IPv6 address is completely exposed. I’ve blurred out my IP address and city location in the picture, but you can still see that my real location in the US is not protected.

It works here.

Windows 10 x64 21H2 | Mint Cinnamon 20.3

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