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Norton VPN and Utilities

Just wondering why these 2 are not including in the deluxe and premium versions of this software?

I remember years ago when I first was with Norton before they used to do the whole I'll put a virus on your computer if you dont renew your licenses stuff and was really harsh on the system they had these things in it well the had the utilities in it.

I would like to see both put in the suite again please.  That would be really awesome. I know of other venders already doing this.



Re: Norton VPN and Utilities

I used Norton Utilities for many years till it was transformed to Premium, and there was a complete over haul of the product.  Although there was a great improvement ove the old , there were many tools that was not carried over to the new.  One of the tools that was not carried over was the finding of dup files.  I found that my system would create duplicated files, that would have to be eventually errased This file erraser was great, even if you have to cherry pick your way through them.  If the tool can find dups, why can't it errase them.  If they can't be errased they they should not be scanned at all.  It would be nice if this was incorporated into the new Norton Utilities; with some major improvents to the tool.