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Norton VPN App Icon Missing From iPhone

The VPN is installed and working, but to access it, I have to search for it in the App Store because I don’t have an icon. When I find it in the App Store, it shows it as being installed and won’t re-download. How to get the icon, please? Thanks


Accepted Solution

Re: Norton VPN App Icon Missing From iPhone

Have you checked all your home screens? I have noticed that sometimes apps get the icon placed on second or third home screen. Just keep swiping to the left to look for the Secure VPN icon.

Do you also have Norton Mobile Security, NMS, on this device? If so, it appears the VPN feature has now been incorporated into the latest version of the NMS app. So no need for the standalone Secure VPN app. I just checked this on NMS ver

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.