norton vpn ios 15.2 hot spam

It was working with version iOS 15.0 & 15.0.1 but since 15.0.2 to the latest 15.2 (I have reinstalled the software from scratch, yes I did make sure I switched it off and on before re-installing and then again re-booting my iPhone) it does not work.  I see Norton has the same the problem for Android!

Thus, we have a problem with complaints (new regulations for SaaS & PaaS) and new functionality that may have been added (updated spam and backdoor-stuff) which Norton needs to address


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Re: norton vpn ios 15.2 hot spam

What specific complaints are you seeing? 

How is Norton's VPN features involved with spam?


Re: norton vpn ios 15.2 hot spam

Finally, as of 12 Jan 2022 the VPN is working as it did for 15.0.  However, I used an old trick (one I used for a computer):

Step:1 - uninstall all Norton software and reboot the iPhone

Step:2 - install only the VPN (via the Norton web site which will request you to install via Apple's App Store) , using a secured Wi-Fi (preferably your personal router, that is being supported by Norton security).  This is making sure Norton server is leading the download and not via a cache (I know this should not make a difference, however, for some reason it does).  Just follow the instructions the software is asking, do not wonder away from the instructions.

Step:3 - Open the VPN application, ensure the software deduces that the VPN is not necessary to 'Open', because it is secured connection to access the internet.  Do not play with anything, allow the software to determine the necessary settings (I know this should not make a difference, however, for some reason it does).

Step:4 - Install Norton 360 Mobile, it should prompt you for this (if you have the Premium account), implying everything is connected.  This will open a new Norton application.  Norton 360 Mobile will determine you have the VPN software and will 'run' the necessary alignments.  You should have 'green' ticks.

Step:5 - Open Secure VPN, to qualify that it is 'OFF'.

Step:6 - Close down your iPhone.

Step:7 - Switch your iPhone 'on', outside, where you are using your data plan and not a Wi-Fi connection.  You should see at the top in a box 'VPN'.  This means everything is working.

Step:8 - Open 'Norton 360' and it should run all the components, where you end up with a 'green' tick for each element.  In my case, I had to click on the VPN, where upon it aligned itself and turned the line to a 'green' tick.

Step:9 - Close down your iPhone, 'off'.

Step:10 - Switch your iPhone 'on', open 'Norton 360' and you should see all the lines 'green' and at the top in a box 'VPN'.

If you try to install Norton 360 Mobile first, for some reason the VPN 'off' button did not work and the battery drained per minute.

Following the above instructions, my iPhone lasted over 1+1/2 days with heavy use.

I have just updated to iOS 15.2.1 and it absorbed 14m of use (I believe it reflected the time for iOS update), using only 2% of battery (reflecting 8 apps it must have also controlled).  However, again, I did this over a secured Wi-Fi.  So far all is working.

Finally, Norton is compatible with iOS 15 architecture, after 3 months!!! .. lucky for Norton I had faith in them ;)


Re: norton vpn ios 15.2 hot spam

It is good to hear that you have things working the way you want again. 

But just an FYI. The Norton 360 app's VPN feature does not control the standalone Norton Secure VPN. They are separate apps providing the same feature. It is best not to have the standalone app installed if you are using the VPN feature in 360. 

Also, the VPN notation in the iOS notification area is usually indicating that the Web Protection feature is turned on. You can check this by ensuring that the VPN feature is turned off in the 360 app. Then look to see that the VPN icon is still there. Then turn off Web Protection and you will see the icon disappear.  This happens because using the iOS VPN programming API's is the only way Norton is able to access the necessary iOS resources to provide the Web Protection features. 

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