Norton VPN issues - Not worth the effort

For the past week or so I had been working with Norton support to get Norton VPN.  After 'elevating' my issue twice (Level 3?), they eventually went into the registry and renamed 'DisabledComponents' to 'DisabledComponents_bkp' which is found under 'Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip6\Parameters'.  This allowed the Norton VPN to actually turn on.  I thought 'Finally!' but alas it was short lived.

Turns out that Norton VPN is fraught with issues and while free with my Norton subscription, it is absolutely NOT worth the effort.  If you have it, try to turn it on.  If it doesn't work right away, move on, get another VPN solution.

Once I got Norton VPN running, I then proceeded to test a few things.  Could I login to other computers on my local network?  No!  Not a deal breaker, just turn off Norton VPN when I'm working locally, right?  Wrong, upon turning off Norton VPN my network connection crashes and no obvious way to simply bring it back except for a system reboot.  So maybe I can just use it when browsing the web?  So I did a speed test which failed due to some crazy socket issue that I absolutely was not going to spend time trying to sort out.  After that I shut Norton VPN down and rebooted.

If after multiple support chats, support calls, support 'elevations', Norton VPN still has problems then it is obviously a flawed product and should not be used or trusted to perform correctly.  The need to make registry changes like the described above is another red flag indicating a product that is not ready for general use.

I hope this information will be of some use to help others avoid this annoyance.



Re: Norton VPN issues - Not worth the effort

Hi, My VPN has been down sixty-days , since July 2021. I have contacted Norton UK by telephone and chat without response . I am aware these VPN difficulties may be derived from WAN miniport drivers not functioning . The Norton Tech Notes seemed to originally point to this in regard to the error "Secure VPN has experienced a connection failure" and "Smart Firewall has been turned off [Fix]" messages.

Steps taken to resolve this lead to following a Norton Tech documents which informed you to delete these mini drivers Wan Miniport(IKKv2), (IP), (IPv6), (L2TP), (Network Monitor), (PPPOE), (PPTP) and the one that is now running and reinstalled (SSTP)  . It seems initially these was hidden by an unknown thing or person.  Please do not delete them! I have not managed to get them back . Another Tech Note said to  use DEVCON.exe to re install the miniport drivers this does not work as they are already installed . Right clicking on C:\Windows\inf\ netavpna.inf  and clicking Install states the install is complete.

Nothing so far has addressed these matters . Norton's understanding that these drivers are specific to hardware is in error . They are miniport drivers which the software can add in . The scan For System Updates will not find them and has no hope of doing so ever . One machine is back up this morning however connecting with VPN   e.g. https://gyazo.com/3fd108028eceedf628f6e3ce7aae7604 i.e. 809 error. Which has been resolved without any changes being made to the machine that had an error 809 upon it basically in this tech note it seems to allege this is your Local Authority. The technote is worth a read.  I have had to disconnect the other from the Internet as it is unprotected.

Norton just informs me to bear with them. I hope this is helpful to others.