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Norton VPN on MacBook appears to be working again

Towards the end of last month / beginning of this month it appeared that Norton VPN for MacBook had stopped working for a number of users - just wanted to post a brief message to say that it seems to be working again since last night (approx. 7.00 pm GMT).




Re: Norton VPN on MacBook appears to be working again

For me too. I think it’s a conspiracy. It automatically came on. No name and no password. I just clicked on the app and after about 3 seconds up and running!??? This reminds me when Facebook shut down. I don’t think that was an accident. Did NORTON say “hey you apple people, we need to fix something with our VPN”. Then on Nov. 21st 2021 all of a sudden it works. All of the attempts of deleting the app, downloading the removal tool and deleting more, following directions for inputs into Terminal App, all Nothing! Then on Nov. 21, all Mac Norton VPN active use is satisfactory. Too many unknowns for this guy.

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