Norton VPN & Microsoft Store Windows 10

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I have recently started using the VPN within 360.    Today I tried to open the Windows Store on my Windows10 PC and the application failed to connect.  I turned off the VPN and it then connected.  I tried restarting my PC but no success.  I then chatted with Norton help but they wanted to connect to my PC to solve a problem that they could not tell me any known history about which I found peculiar. So I declined. 

At first I thought the answer was to add the MS Store exe file to the VPN exclusion list.  From research I was to learn this was a bad idea as the executable was intentionally protected in a hidden windows file.

So it then occurred to me to try to VPN connect to the USA instead (I reside in the UK).  This worked!  So I then checked my PC regional settings expecting to find something.  All was good.   I then repeated the test with a random VPN connection to Turkey expecting failure.  Not so.   Lastly I reconnected the VPN to the UK and it all was working properly.

So the only logic here I can rationalise is that a UK default VPN setting was corrupt and that by temporarily changing country it  reset.  Whatever the root cause - Happy Days!



Re: Norton VPN & Microsoft Store Windows 10

Before choosing the US VPN region, were you just using the Auto Select Region setting for the VPN? There does seem to be some VPN connection issues that can be resolved by manually choosing a region. 

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