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"Norton VPN turning on" must be locked with password (It is Included with Norton 360)

Hello, Norton 360 is included with Norton VPN, but the problem is allowing anyone to turn it on, hence Norton family users, like children, can turn on VPN, and after that visit websites that are blocked to them.

Parents must have an option in Norton 360 to lock VPN features with password.

I know the options and settings in Norton family software that allow parents to block websites, but I am not writing about Norton family software, I am writing about Norton 360 software that Norton VPN included with it without any option to lock using it with password.

Some countries have already blocked websites that is not suitable to children, hence without VPN they are already blocked, but after turn on VPN they will open to children or any family users. By the way, Norton family is not accurate 100% to block all unwanted websites. For example, in Norton family user device, I did a try without VPN to check that websites is blocked if I visit them, then I found websites blocked. On the other hand, I turn on the VPN in Norton family user device also, but I found that websites is open!!! The issue associate with Norton 360 software that included VPN without any control for parents to lock it with password, not with Norton family software. (Note: some websites open and other blocked via Norton family software after turn on VPN; I know that also) The problem With Norton 360 VPN!

In concise, Norton VPN must provide an option for parents to locked it with password, so Norton family users can not turn it on.



Re: "Norton VPN turning on" must be locked with password (It is Included with Norton 360)

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