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Norton VPN very low speed

 I am a WINDOWS Norton 360 newbie having installed it just last week & I am noticing already that my Norton VPN speed is quite low compared to my regular 3GB ISP speed from Bell Canada. However, the Norton VPN speed can drop as low as less than 100MB in the evenings. During the daytime, it usually stays well above 100MB. I have been testing & measuring my internet connection speed by using SPEEDTEST.NET from Ookla. My web pages appear to be loading & updating at a somewhat slower pace than normal but my speed tests on Ookla all say that the Norton VPN speed is very slow compared to my Bell ISP 3GB speed. How come? Will I be able to achieve anything close to my Bell ISP 3GB speed or is it that Norton VPN speed is just far too slow & needs updating to a higher level? Will Norton be upgrading their VPN speeds in future as well because clients are now today using much faster ISP speeds than in the past? The slow Norton VPN speeds are disappointing to me to say the least. So how can I achieve faster internet speeds while using Norton VPN today if possible? Thanks for reading my post & I hope for a productive solution reply to my quandary. Cheerio.