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Norton VRQ Tool

Norton VRQ Tool ----------

What is it, and what does it do?  Who uses it or who is supposed to use it?.  Will it interfere with any Norton products? 


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Re: Norton VRQ Tool

Hi g_cafe_c

You coiuld check out this thread for information. The tool is not intended for public use but rather for use by trained Symantec personnel.


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Re: Norton VRQ Tool


Mdturner is right. VRQ tool is an internal tool that is meant for identifying and remediating potential malware infections. We don't have any documentation available for our general public on how to use this tool, as it is meant for trained technical support agents. Please refer to the post from Tony Weiss in the thread link given for reference by Mdturner.


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Re: Norton VRQ Tool

Use the Norton Power Eraser if you want to get rid of malware that slipped pass NIS/NAV.


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