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This forum thread needs a solution.

norton will not open after windows10 updates

Everytime windows10 does an update i cannot open my norton, norton must know this is happening a lot because they directed me to their solution for it and to download the "remove reinstall" tool, this fixes it until windows does an update again, the way windows updates now i am having to "remove reinstall" every 3 or 4 days, i should not have to do this, norton must be at fault or they would not have created the tool, its time they sorted this out or refund all their customers

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Re: norton will not open after windows10 updates

Hello 1knee

The Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool has been around a lot longer than Windows 10 has been around. Since you have Windows 10, have you disabled Fast Startup? Fast Startup causes issues with many products. Having Fast Startup disabled does help Norton to function more properly. Norton needs a complete shutdown. Turning off your computer with Fast Startup on doesn't accomplish this. It also needs a complete startup and not a quick one.

Here is a link for turning off Fast Startup in Windows 10


These directions are from ten forums.com and not from Norton, but they still apply to Norton products. Windows 10 is not a complete product since they do have to make all these updates, more often than the monthly Windows Updates for the other operating systems..


Hope it helps. Thanks.

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