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Norton won't let Itunes update- how do I add this update to the "safe" list?

I'm trying to update my ITunes but it won't work and I believe it is because Norton is not recognizing it as safe- today I got a message from Norton indicating the download/sender wasn't recognized.  I went into Norton admin and tried to see if I could add ITunes as "safe" but cannot find where to do this.  Please help?




Re: Norton won't let Itunes update- how do I add this update to the "safe" list?

Hi DiscoDog01:

What Windows OS do you use, what is your default web browser, and what is your current version of iTunes at Help | About?  I think the latest available updates are v12.1.3.6 (rel. 16-Sep-2015) for XP and Vista, and v12.4.1.6 (rel. 02-Jun-2016) for Win 7 and higher.  Does this error occur if you try to update iTunes through the built-in updater at Help | Check for updates?  If you are downloading the offline installer, be sure to use the official site at http://www.apple.com/ca/itunes/download/ rather than a third-party download site that might try to bundle PUPs (potentially unwanted software like browser ads) or malware with the installer.  Your message might indicate that File Insight found a problem with the security certificate of the installer during download or installation.

If you're using the latest N360 v22.7.0.76, go to Settings | Firewall | Program Control (or Settings | Network | Smart Firewall | Program Rules | Configure in v21.7.0.11 or older ) and scroll down to iTunes.  You should see that iTunes.exe has been automatically granted Allow access through the Norton Smart Firewall because it's recognized as a safe program.  You should also have four green bars for the Trust rating (hover your mouse over the icon - the pop-up should say Norton Trusted) which means iTunes has been given the highest (unrestricted) access through the firewall.

32-bit Vista Home Premium SP2 * Firefox v47.0.1 * NIS v22.7.0.76 * iTunes v12.1.3.6

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