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Norton won't work on second device?

I'm extremely disappointed with Norton right now. A few months ago I've installed it on a second device. My license is good for up to 10 Devices, but just yesterday the whole thing messed up with all these error messages about "Your device may not be safe" or something like that. Norton on my second device will not open. I've been happy with Norton the past few years, but now I'm not so sure.

Is there something I can try? I've tried everything including rebooting my computer but even that didn't work. Because I've been with Norton the past few years, I'd hate to find a new antivirus :(

Before I forget: I don't use my second computer much. I did see something about not being active. Can't remember exactly what it said. I tried re-downloading it and  re-installing it but that didn't even work (did not complete re-installation). Although, norton won't stop working (or opening) due to inactivity, can it? It was fine until just last night after my computer updated.



Re: Norton won't work on second device?

Hello sd2018. Perform a removal using the Norton removal tool, do a REMOVE ONLY using the advanced settings. Reboot your device. Check for awaiting driver or windows updates that may be trying to download and install any that are present. Reboot again. Next log into your Norton account, under subscriptions remove the license for the computers that are giving you issues. Download your product again directly from your account. Live updates should run on its own. Recheck live updates until none are available and reboot. Let us know if your installs perform as they should. Another note: if you are running Windows 10 disable "fast start" in your power settings as well before performing the R&R. 


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