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Norton worked: Blocked website due to intrusion attack JSCoinminer Download 13

Tonight I surfed to the following website and my Norton Security alerted me thru a small popup in the bottom right corner that it had blocked the website (see spread out version below) due to "Web Attack: JSCoinminer Download 13."   I had never been to that website before.  Tonight I had gone there from a Bing search (which is problematic since the current Norton Security ( does not display the Safe Web icons in Firefox.)

italian home recipes  .com/   sauteed-eggplant.  html

I didn't get any red Norton Safe Web alert for that website, but the Safe Web dropdown does not work (it's blank) with private windows in Firefox 54.0.7.   [EDITED: Oh, I just discovered that blank Safe Web UI has been fixed in an update. I thought it would update automatically, but it obviously doesn't if set to "default." So I'll update that now.]

When I manually insert that URL for testing at the Norton Safe Web site, it tells me that the main domain is OK.

So I'm glad Norton aborted the attack; it says I don't have to do anything.   This was the first time Norton caught anything on my computer, so it was a bit unnerving.    I ran full system scans with Norton Security and Malwarebytes, and nothing was detected.  

I also have Noscript, so I wonder if that would have stopped it, too.   But does Norton Security work prior to Noscript?  i..e, does Norton block a website before Noscript even has a chance at it?

Thanks for any info.


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Re: Norton worked: Blocked website due to intrusion attack JSCoinminer Download 13

Hello mesquitebean

I will have the Safe Web Team check out that spread out website and see why it doesn't agree with other parts of Norton.

Please stay tuned to this Thread for a response from the Safe Web Team on Sunday night after midnight EST.

Have a Good Night and


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