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Norton working to lose Customers - Part 2

I agree Norton is well on their way to losing their customers.

Windows customers are not the only ones having major issues.  Norton really needs to fix several issues that are plaguing the Mac version of Norton.  I know several Norton customers who are looking to leave Norton because of issues with Norton for Mac.  At the moment, my Mac's with Norton are the most crash prone computers that I have had since Windows 3.0 or my Commodore Amiga with workbench 1.1.

Unfortunately, it appears that Norton just slopped the Mac version together with limited or no product testing.  (I might be wrong about this, however, it is getting harder and harder to suppress this suspicion.)

Let us look at the problems with Norton for the Mac

- Sudden reboots (Kernel Crashes)

- Incessant pop up requests for protocols that should be automatically allowed on the Mac.  For example:

- avconferenced (is the daemon that handles all webcam requests on macOS)

- CommCenter (service handling network connectivity on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.)

- rapportd (daemon that enables phone call handoff & other communication features between Apple devices.)

- sharingd (daemon that enables AirDrop, Handoff, Instant Hotspot, Shared Computers, and Remote Disc in the Finder.

Norton blocks Disk Utility from erasing disks. It will allow disks to be erased and reformatted in ExFat or Fat.

Norton will not allow disks to be erased and reformatted in APFS or MacOS extended.

Slow to Load - My iMac boots up in approximately 20 seconds.  Norton adds over a minute before I can use the internet.  The browser will just sit there and bounce while it waits for Norton to load.  (This behavior seems to be unique to Norton in comparison to the competition.)


Norton pops up weekly asking me to enable Firefox and Safari add ons.  Come on Norton, enough is enough.  Let me stop these pop ups.

Please don't take this feedback as complaints.  I have been a Norton subscriber for over 25 years.  I like Norton and I want Norton to succeed by producing the very best product.  That is why I am asking for improvements.

Thank you