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This forum thread needs a solution.
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Norton360 backup files accumulate for ever and do not warn when space runs out

I suspect this problem is a design fault endemic in Norton 360 and this makes me strongly inclined to cancel my subscription when it comes up for renewal in a few weeks' time.  But if anyone can point to a solution, please tell me!

The problem is

(1) that Norton360 backup files are accumulated until they completely fill the available storage - in my case, a 1-terabyte external disk.

(2) that when the storage is full Norton360 fails to give any warning, and indeed continues to report that all is well.  It was only when I noticed that the disk was full (when listing My PC) that I went into Norton360 and found that the last backup had been done as long as seven days ago!

The temporary solution I have had to resort to is:

(a) to run another backup to a different hard disk

(b) to delete the entire backup file on the designated hard disk - which took several hours

(c) to run a new backup to the designated hard disk

(d) to set up a duplicate backup set to the second hard disk so that I can from time to time delete the main backup so as to restore space.

Any sensible backup system would surely work in the background without need for such workarounds.  It would update old backups, not simply overlay them until all storage was exhausted.  At the very least it would warn when storage had run out and backups were therefore not being run.

And (while I am about it) any company with such a defective system would brief its helpline staff (such as those who failed to deal with case no. 25420518) to admit the failure and acknowledge that such workarounds were necessary, involving deliberate attention to the system rather than being able to rely on it to deliver a service in the background.

David Pollock