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NortonFamily.com un-installed itself

Yesterday while on the administrator account on my computer I recieved a message that Norton Safety minder had downloded and update and I should click ok to install and this would reboute my computer.  I was in the middle of something so I clicked on the X to close it.  It procceded to install and then gave me a message that the instulation was succesful.  immediatly after the message was gone I noticed that NortonFamily and Safety minder had been completely removed from my computer.  I rebooted manually to see if it world reappear but it did not.  It does not even show up in the Add/ Remove programs list.  I tried to re-install it but durring the process it keeps saying that a different version of Safety minder has been detected and is being removed. It attempts to remove the other version for a while and then gives me a error message and says that instulation is not successful.  I am wondering if anyone else has this problem or if it was some sort of worm or trojen that I recieved.  I am currently using windows xp sp2 and Norton 360.  I have scaned my computer with no viruses detected. 



Re: NortonFamily.com un-installed itself


It sounds as if the automatic update failed, in fact it sounds from your description that uninstall failed.

Is it possible for me to have a remote look at your system? Please send me an email (it's in my profile) of when a good time may be.



Re: NortonFamily.com un-installed itself

jegg has described exactly what I experienced 2 days ago also - now I cannot install the latest version because of the previous version, which isn't there to uninstall!

Please advise on a fix soonest.



Re: NortonFamily.com un-installed itself

Hi smartcall,

We would like to setup a remote desktop access and see what's going on.  You're welcome to send me a private message or an email for details.  You can find my email address at http://community.norton.com/norton/profile?user.id=15038.




Thanks Katie

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