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This forum thread needs a solution.

Nortton Family Android Time limit not working

Have installed norton family app on two devices, one with Android 6 and the other with android 4.4.

The time limit for all devices has been set to 3 hours.

When using the devices, the time limit does reduce as expected, but then sometimes jumps back up almost to the full time period e.g. 2 hours and 58 minutes. A full day's use therefore does not use more than the 3 hours allocated.

(1) I need a solution to this problem. The time limits need to be more accurate (no resets).

(2) I would like to suggest a feature: It would be useful to set a single time limit shared for all devices, i.e. 3 hours altogether, whichever device is used.



Re: Nortton Family Android Time limit not working

Hi nobodyhome,

1. I haven't heard any reports like this.  Did you just start to use the program for the first time today?  We are in the process of system maintenance.  I'm not sure this is the reason or not.  Can you please check this after tomorrow after the maintenance is done to see if you are still experiencing the issue and let me know?  If you still have the issue, we will check into this.

2. I'll report this request to the management team.



Thanks Katie

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