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Not filtering the browser that came with the phone

My son has a Meizu 6 phone which operates on Android. I have the filtering options on the highest possible, but the filter doesn't work at all on the "browser" app that came with the phone. He was able to access some inappropriate content, which is the whole reason I purchased the Norton! The "Browser" doesn't even show up on the Norton parent app, so I cannot even restrict access to it at all.

Please also note that he found a way to disable the Norton by restarting the phone. There's an option to restart instead of power down the phone once the power button is pressed. Can Norton fix this as well?



Re: Not filtering the browser that came with the phone

Hi @Melirose,

Welcome to Norton Community!

Norton Family supports Web Supervision only in Chrome and Norton Family Browser.

Today, our app lists all the downloaded apps and few pre-installed apps like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. under App Supervision house rules in Norton Family Website. All the other system apps like Browser, Settings, Google Play store, etc...  and widgets will not be available for blocking.

We do understand your concern. We will look in to the feasibility of adding the apps you requested to the App Supervision list.

Kindly share the Browser app name and Google play store url for the app.

Share debug logs to investigate Norton Family disabled issue

Steps to take debug logs:

  • Open Norton Family Browser->Tap on profile picture in top left corner
  • Select the last option ‘Contact Us’ from the menu
  • Enable Debug logs
  • Reproduce the issue
  • Open Norton Family Browser again->Contact Us->Enter my ‘Email Address’ (you can find my email address under my profile in the forum) to send the debug logs


Devi AK

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