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Not receiving SMS codes

Hey Norton

Last week, as a result I brought Security Deluxe, I activated two step authentication on my account. For some reason, I couldn't receive a SMS code on my phone when activating. Strangely enough, when I choose code by voice call I had no problem.

I contacted Norton on live chat and we concluded it had someting to do with my phone. Secretly I thought it had someting to do with your SMS service. I tried another phone, but with same result.

Well I got it to work with VIP and voice call with the hope that I later on could receive codes by SMS.

Today the problem persist and I'm still not receiving any SMS codes when I login.

I know it worked before, because i tried to activate two step authentication when I started my trial though I decided to wait until I had desided if I would buy Security Deluxe.

What is happening?

Could it be a temporary problem or something els?

PS - the problem is across all devices and browsers.

best regards


Accepted Solution

Re: Not receiving SMS codes

Did you install the VIP app on your phones? That is the easiest way to get the verification codes. It is also a good idea to have at least one more method of verification in case the phone with the app is unavailable or lost.

Are you wanting the SMS to be the default? Did you set SMS as the default verification method?

I just tried a SMS to my phone for the access code and it worked properly.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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